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Power & Control Products

Festoon Systems, Conductor Bars from 5 amp to 6000 amp. Cable reels, Slip Ring Assemblies, Radio Remote Controls, Tool Balancers, Cables, Pendants, Air Hoists, Workstation Equipment.

Tension Management, Compression Force, Suspension Force, Bulk/Batch, Overload Detection, Anti Collision System, Load Monitoring, Automatic Hook.

Radio Controls, Transmitters and Receivers for: Construction Cranes, Industry & Logistics, Mobile hydraulics, Forestry Applications, Data Transmission, Hazardous Areas.

Strobe Lights, Horns, Sirens, Heavy Duty Flood Lights, Replacement Bulbs, Strobe Power Supplies, Back-up Alarms, LED Lights, Cable Kits.

Joystick Controllers, Master Switches, Ergonomic Operator Chair Systems

Cameras, Monitors, Cables, Camera Systems for Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Ship Loaders, Forklifts.

Crane Brakes, Hoist Brakes, Motor Brakes, Machinery Brakes, Wheel Brakes, Brake Couplings, Rail Brakes, Storm Brakes, Brake Monitoring Systems, Overload Anti Snag Systems.

Industrial cables for demanding flexing applications.  Specifically designed for Spring Reels, Motor Driven Cable Reels, Festoon Systems, Energy Chains, (Powertracks), Elevators, Robots, and Welding Robots.  Cables for extreme temperatures hot and cold, for underwater, and oil resistant, etc.

Sway Master increases productivity 20% to 50%,  Reduces sway 95%, No sensor needed.

Making Cranes faster, safer, smarter!